Tourism, color, food, wine and traditions

Apulia Emotions

Alta Murgia
Infinite land in the nature and
MateraEuropean Capital of Culture 2019
ancient culinary traditions
Castel del Monte
Federician Apulia
In the land of Frederick II
A fascinating journey through history and typical products

Valle d'Itria

to discover ancient rustic flavors

Among the most famous peaks in the world

In the land of Negramaro
Along the coasts bluest of Italy

Main Tours


Pasta Good

full day
A direct contact with the reality of the place, to see first hand scents, flavors and textures of traditional local cuisine.


full day
Among the spiers of Trulli of Alberobello, the narrow streets of the old town of Martina Franca, where the knowledge and the ancient productions charcuterie are handed down by tradition from father to son

Focaccia Blues

half day
The focaccia here is considered a soul "blues"; so entrenched in the territory to be preferred to the sandwich Mc Donald's ...

Ciceri e Tria

full day
The historical identity that back, told in a dish, which over time has adapted to the local culture and to the loving hands of housewives from Puglia.