Duration: half day
Location: Sassi di Matera - Basilicata

Infinite spaces surrounded by nature, a journey through history and culture of the ancient wine and culinary traditions from Basilicata and Murgia region.


On Murgia plains, the road between Matera – European Capital of Culture in 2019 – and Gravina is a crossroad of history lost in the mists of time. The oldest archaeological finds date back to the Neolithic Age as well as the oldest resident of the area, the Man of Altamura.
What makes this a unique and fascinating area, are the endless fields of green grass, from which originates the Alta Murgia National Park and the Sassi of Matera, a Unesco World Heritage Site where cave dwellings are carved into the tufa rocks on the edges of the ravine; a landscape that is repeated with the same sensation in Gravina, a town only 40 km from Matera.

The gastronomy of the area is influenced by traditional agricultural food production, mainly specialized in the cultivation of cereals and sheep.

The fragrance of bread made with selections high quality durum wheat like Senator Cappelli and then  cooked in old wood stoves, are today flavors renowned as DOP Matera and DOP Altamura.

There are also many other baked goods, such as the typical “taralli” or “frise”, seasoned with cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and oregano; or “focaccia”, here considered like “soul blues” because extremely rooted in the territory to be preferred to Mc Donald’s, and brought to the closure of the only shop in this area of this American chain. (the movie “Focaccia Blues” directed by Nico Cirasola was inspired by this).

Description Tour:

In the numerous farms located on the Murgia plains, there are still small family businesses which breed mainly sheep, like the autochthonous called The Moscia, to produce cheeses and raw or cooked milk, aged “canestrati cheese”, products like “mozzarella”, ” scamorza” and “ricotta”. This is also the area of the traditional “fornello”, a charcoal grill on which are cooked lamb or horse meat, skewered meat or in the “pignata” a terracotta pot, a traditional dish that recalls the times in which the shepherds from Murgia area would leave for long transhumance.
A wide variety of edible wild herbs that grow naturally, of which 500 are recognized and classified. These can be used to flavor dry vegetables such as lentils, beans, chickpeas ecc.. cooked in terracotta pots and seasoned with onion and extra virgin olive oil.
Simple dishes of the farmers traditions, but rich in authenticity; unique and distinctive flavors that can be found only in the area of the beautiful Murgia.

Tour provide a guided tour of a winery and its vineyards; wine tasting directed by expert sommeliers and owners of the winery, possibility to buy native wines.

A stop at the Grave of Gravina and Botromagno hill

Guided tour of a farm and the production of bread and dairy products

Extra virgin olive oil tasting, traditional local products, dairy products.

Period of the tour: all year round on request

Itinerary and minimum number of participants: 4 to 8 people.

Price: 2- 3 pax (on request); 4 pax EURO 125(per person.), 5 pax EURO 80 (per person), 6 pax, 7, 8 pax EURO 80 (per person).

Pick-up at the meeting point agreed: Matera.

Time: 9.00

Duration tour: 5 ore

Included in the price:

Apulia Emotions card valid for the whole year;

Transportation by bus or car for the food and wine tours